Youth Development Programme

The largest group facing various challenges in the society regardless of origin, race, ethnicity, political or religious bias is the youth. Youth are the majority population group and are very essential social, political and economic drivers of both today and tomorrow. We believe that molding the youth in a way translates into molding the world not just for today but also for the future.

Through this programme, we intend to influence responsible behavior in the youth, equip youths to take on roles that await them in the society, create a platform for and promotion of equity, reduce dependency syndrome and reduce overall ill behavior in the society. We also aim to capacitate and widen the scope of the youth and link them to various opportunities for better social, political and economic development

Furthermore, we intend to achieve the following

  • Building more responsible families, providing hope and generating positive energy in young people
  • To increase access, coverage and uptake of HIV testing services and strengthen linkages to treatment and care in communities
  • To enhance protective parenting practices that are associated with reduced sexual risk among adolescents and promote parent-child communication about sexuality and sexual risk reduction
  • To improve sexual health through building stronger, more gender-equitable relationships with better communication between partners;
  • Raising more responsible and resilient communities
  • Keep youths occupied with profitable activities and help them desist from harmful activities


Our projects and activities include evidence based behavioral interventions, resource mobilization, skills assessment and development, (formal and informal), promoting youth participation in governance policies & matters, voter registration and voting sensitization. We also provide education & training on sexual & reproductive health, positive peer education, mentoring and counselling, recreational amenities and activities as well as capacitating youths to have ability to manage change and value continuous improvement. Others are, research activities and workshops, training in life skills, scholarships and student loan facilitation, entrepreneurship training & capacity building, create Group activities that promote collaboration, team work and inter cultural relations, promotion of cultural and heritage affairs for positive social impact as well as leadership and followership training

We also promote inter institutional activities, social activities that promote unity, create awareness of cultural differences among peers and the broader community, networking, mentorship and internship and provide learning activities using workplace ICT gadgets among other things.