Mental Health & Physical Disability Programme

Our Goals

The Emporio Legacies Foundation’s Mental Health & Physical Disability Programme works to promote awareness about mental health and physical disability issues, inform public policy, achieve equity in health care for people with mental and physical health challenges comparable to other health care, and reduce stigma and discrimination against those with mental illnesses and physical disability. We believe all humans are created equal and having noticed the challenges affecting people with mental issues and those with physical disabilities, we are at heart with our communities to ensure availability of basics like healthy food, safe housing, clean water & sanitation, equity treatment as well as good healthcare. We aim to combat social, cultural and economic exclusion and encourage respect, participation and dignity for all members of society. We are in view of lightening the burden or effects of the health conditions of these lovely souls by transforming the way society perceives or treats them, and also transforming how they also look at themselves.

Mental illness and physical disability are among the most common conditions in Southern Africa and Africa in general. Apart from looking at the challenges facing people with these conditions from the human rights point of view and aiming to lighten their burdens based on their conditions, we base our actions on the fact that most of these conditions can either be treated completely or their severity reduced. But because of majorly cost implications, social and cultural beliefs among other reasons, most of these cases have become life issues posing waves of challenges on families, individuals, institutions, communities and beyond.

Our Strategy

Since the composition of Emporio Legacies Foundation includes Traditional Leaders and other influential members of society, we are able to relate directly with the issues affecting Our communities. The Mental Health & Physical Disability Programme benefits from the Organisation’s convening power to bring together community members, health leaders, organizations, other leaders and role players to look into important public policy and other issues facing mental health, Physical disability, substance abuse care systems and other issues regionwide, communitywide and also at individual country levels. In addition, the Programme is part of international efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with disability, mental health illness and substance abuse conditions.

To achieve our goals, we offer Counselling and Care services for affected individuals & families, educate communities on mental health matters, make Referrals and placements of patients to Health Institutions, offer Spiritual, emotional and material support to affected families and contribute to provision of basic commodities including safe & healthy homes, healthy food, health care, mobility etc.

We also conduct Research, strategic planning, capacity building and community -focused behavioral health activities.

Though we work with Health Care Institutions in specific circumstances, most of our services are conducted outside Health Care Intuitions direct to communities.