Food Security Programme

Agriculture and food production are the basis of life and the economy, and have multiple functions in creating healthy societies.  They are at the centre of addressing various challenges including hunger and poverty, climate change and the environment, women’s wellbeing and community health, income and employment.  A transition to greener, more productive, conservative farming allows local people to lead in creating solutions regarding community development.

The Emporio Legacies Foundation Food Security Programme is primarily aimed at alleviating hunger and poverty in the Southern African region through agricultural initiatives.  We aim to stabilize food production and cash crop management for sustainable and healthy community living. This is achievable through our projects, activities and services which include the following;

  • training and workshops for farmers and community-based facilitators
  • formulation and adoption of models and innovations for sustainable development
  • Natural resource management and facility level assessment & improvement
  • Assistance with fertilizer and other farming needs
  • working with training institutions and other organizations to promote agricultural research and practice
  • promotion of climate smart agricultural practices
  • development of models and capacity building as well as improvement of market systems
  • strengthening food management strategies
  • risk and disaster assessment & management as well as responding to hunger strikes
  • monitoring, impact evaluation and data analysis
  • Gender equity promotion and empowerment of traditional leadership
  • Storage facility and crop storage management
  • resource mobilization, market assessment and assistance
  • promotion of production of usable cash crops
  • formulate strategies and assist farmers have access to good farming implements
  • formation of farmer groups and / or cooperatives

Southern Africa is one of the most hit parts of the world by starvation with statistics showing extremes of one in four people suffering from hunger and that is not including children. This scenario is worsened by the spread of diseases, climate change, ailing economies and poor political, social and economic policies among other factors. Without taking adequate steps to finding solutions, situations will keep deteriorating, more lives will be affected through sickness, death, crime and poverty in general. The need for your continued support can never be over emphasized. Together, we will continue to provide effective and lasting interventions to these problems.