Emporio Legacies Foundation is a Non – Profit, Non–Governmental Civil Society Organization operating in developing Countries in Southern Africa. With the staggering economies of these developing countries, a lot of people especially in rural, peri-urban and informal communities live under tough and unhospitable conditions.

The Organization is made up of vibrant, like – minded visionary leaders and role players from Traditional leadership circles, Government institutions, Private sector and Non-governmental Organizations, with vast experience and whose hearts are after improving livelihood in their struggling regions or Communities. As members of these regions and communities under reference, we understand and relate with the challenges around us hence, our desire to put efforts together and meet the challenges head on through the vision of this Organization and improve lives.


To join forces with communities and other organizations in order to provide root-bottom sustainable solutions to the scourge of poverty, diseases, hunger, socio economic injustice as well as environmental issues.


Inspired by the passion and belief that we are called by God to deliver leadership of service, we long to establish a network of leaders that shall implement sustainable programs which shall address the needs of mankind and the environment, thereby transforming communities across Southern Africa.

Our Cause

Emporio Legacies Foundation is committed to interventions on climate change, and on those factors affecting the social, economic and environmental determinants of life – equity, safe drinking-water and sanitation, sufficient food and secure shelter. Focusing on Combination Prevention and Treatment, Counselling, Testing & Care, Child Protection and Wellbeing, Food Security and Income Generation, quality Education, good Health as well as Environmental protection & Habitation, Emporio Legacies aims to participate in delivery of quality services to communities in need and enforcement of systems and policies for upliftment of lives. Policy and Practice through the promotion of equity, education, health, habitation and general access to basic services is a cornerstone of these efforts.

Certificates/ Documents

NPO Certificates