Welcome to Emporio Legacies

At Emporio Legacies, we believe in the principal of One freedom, One world, One people. We stand for the possibility of love and freedom for all people.

We stand with the people living most at the margins of our society: people without shelter, food and access to good health, clean water & good education, children without parents or guardians, those living with intellectual or physical disabilities, those oppressed by disease or infections and many more oppressed groups. We envision a world that respects the dignity, humanity, and unique potential of all people, a society that shall open doors and opportunities with equity.

We stand unequivocally against racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance, child abuse and any other forms of injustice. We also stand strongly in solidarity with every person in our community and world-wide experiencing and fighting against these complex and intersectional systems. And we are thankful to every person and organization committed to that vision.

Emporio Legacies Foundation has strategically positioned itself to work in partnership with Traditional leadership, Religious groups, CBOs, NGOs and other like- minded Organizations because of their access and close proximity to vulnerable communities and target populations.

Mental Health & Physical Disability Programme

Disease Control Programme

Food Security Programme

Green Life plus Programme

Mother & Child Health Programme

Infrastructure Development Programme

Water & Sanitation Programme

Youth Development Programme